The Shawnee State University Center for Public Data


Shawnee State University is committed to our students, our region, and our state. To support these strategic goals through innovation and collaboration with data the Shawnee State University Center for Public Data will take advantage of accessible information and leverage it for broad social good. The Shawnee State University Center for Public Data will provide students, faculty, and staff a chance to support our partners. A Center for Public Data will support key university initiatives and promote a culture of service to the local community by making public information easier to find and use. Data may be an entity’s most valuable asset, but few are maximizing its benefit.

The Shawnee State University Center for Public Data will provide services for data collection, verification, and analysis. Providing these services to students, faculty, researchers, as well as members of the local community, SSU is privileged with an opportunity to drive social change through innovation. The Center will be an academic and learning center while also working with local companies, the city/county government, economic development entities, non-profit organizations, and public sector organizations.

Previously, large data sets required hours to indentify and analyze the information. At the Shawnee State University Center for Public Data, individuals can access data sets quicker and start analyzing data, saving valuable time. The Center will provide information across a variety of disciplines and industries with the tools to enable more innovation, more quickly using advanced business intelligence platforms. Data is particularly valuable because there are nearly endless ways to use it to create new and compelling content; create graphs, charts, and infographics; make maps by state, region, or country; create rankings and ratings, combining data from various sources to create a layered data set, etc.

We (will) use data in three primary ways.

  1. Share or borrow data (or a visualization) from another publically available source. We just share this information, nothing else. Learn More

  2. Use a public dataset to create a data visualization that does not exist (that we are aware of anyway). Learn More

  3. Generate our own local dataset and use it to create a unique visualization we can share in a public or private capacity. Learn More


What Do We Want to Do?

  1. Maintain Public Data

  2. Maintain Research Data

  3. Discovery, capture, storage, analysis, dissemination, & use of public data

  4. Design Data Visualizations

  5. Create Data Seminars and Community Education

  6. Contractual Support for Business Operations (future tense, we need more people :) )


What Kind of Partner Are You?

Do you value the role Shawnee State University plays in our community? If you do, we could probably use your talent. We have a variety of ways that you can interact with us to make a difference. Are you a retired person that would like to use your skills and analyze public data? Here are some broad groups of people; some of you may be in more than one group.

1. Member of the Government

2. Member of a Not for Profit Organization

3. Member of the Shawnee State University Team

4. Interested Human (not part of one of the previously mentioned groups


There are many ways to partner with the public data center. Your support helps Shawnee State University provide an opportunity for unique learning experiences for students, help leaders make informed decisions and provides the fuel for innovative grant/funding requests. Are you a high school student that needs to conduct a service project? We can help you find something that helps our community. Are you a faculty member that needs a topic for a class and would like to do something also directly benefits the region and allows supports your outcomes in the classroom? We can help you find something that helps the community. Are you a retiree that wants to do something that takes advantage of a lifetime of experience? We can help you find a project that helps our community? Are you in-between jobs or would like to learn new skills and add something to your resume? We can help you find something that helps our community.

Click here to learn more about the Shawnee State University Center for Public Data.