Data at Shawnee State University

We use a lot of data here at Shawnee State University. We use data every day to make better decisions. Can we do better? We can do better. The three files discussed on this page are the three primary files we use to answer "most" of our data requests and reports. They are the flour, milk, eggs, and beans of what we work with every day, the staples. We use other files when we need to generate something more specific, but these are the primary files.


The Census: The 15th Day

The 15th Day file (of each term) is the offical census date. The Fall 15th day report is the official report for the year. The building block of this file is a line of information of a student each semester. Any activity before or after the 15th day is irrelevant, even if it is something that affects the campus.


The Grade File

The grade file is the best file that we have to work on the most important part of what we do here at Shawnee State University, students in a class, taught by faculty. It is a “retroactive process” in the sense that it is a file that is pulled every term and the data can change. This differs than our primary census file that is pulled and saved on the 15th day of each term.

The grade file will reflect anything that happens after the 15th day, including something that hypothetically changed well after the date, like a grade dispute. Another example is if a group of students registered after the 15th day. The file is constructed is that if we try to do something and cross-reference it with other information we can get to the most basic element of what makes a college a college, classes.  Did students that took a survey and identified as “not likely to need help” fail most of their classes? The grade file is the best to dig deep and make adjustments.

Jessica Graduate.jpg

The Grad File

The graduates in this file are often cross-referenced with the other two files on this page.

This file is pretty straightforward. It is a list of all the graduates from our institutional relational database.