The Grade File and Student Success

The Grade File is our primary method of assessment. It provides the baseline of information we need to review how students perform at our institution, Shawnee State University. Students in class, earning grades, in buildings, during an academic session is what we do. Everything else supports that mission.

This part of the Grade File analysis looks at those relationships to see how grades are changing while we implement different strategies and initiatives related to student success. In the past five years, SSU received funding to implement a Federal Title III grants, worked with the Ohio Department on several completion initiatives, and conducted "Action Projects" as part of our institutional accreditation process. We also used data to support important decisions such as "should we hire additional college-level professional advisors"? The answer was yes if you are curious.

The Grade File is the first step to review how our collective campus activity impacts our students. This information is often compared to other information at our disposal.

This corner of the website will review the path students take, their grades, important key performance indicators (KPIs), and information that can be shared to inform others about how we operate.