The Grade File: Grades (Total)

This section of the Grade File focuses on actual grades, in as granular as possible without sharing information that is not appropriate to share in this type of venue. If you are on the staff or faculty at Shawnee State University, please refer to our internal Sharepoint page or contact our office.

This file looks at the total number grades by course, course prefix, and total grades. There are four tabs in this Tableau Workbook.

The first tab shows the total number of grades. There are options to filter the data based on the fields on the right side of the visualization.

The second tab shows some of the same information but there is a table at the bottom of the dashboard that shows the total student count per academic year and term combination.

The third tab shows the grades by course.

The fourth tab shows the data related to grades organized by course prefix.

Grades and ACT Scores

The next portion of the webpage shows how ACT scores, and sub-scores, help predict student success. The table below shows how the each exam is scored in our database.

Test Scores TJ2.jpg

These visualizations show the course and grade information based on ACT scores. This is helpful because we can see the total number of students that took a course and the average ACT Scores, by ACT subscores.

Note: If a student with a 25 composite ACT score earned an "A" in one class and a "B" in another, the 25 ACT score would be averaged into both courses.

Though there are some courses with low attendance that may show that students with poor ACT scores and earned good grades. however, the more students in a course, the more likely the expected trends were present. Higher ACT scores usually mean higher grades. One thing to consider is the scores and how we have students with scores just above national average earning good grades.