Educational Partner

Higher Education Institions do not exist without students. If you work at or are part of an educational institution, there may be a way we can work together. Distance is not a limiting factor. Learn more about data related to education.

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Non-Profit organizations do tremendous work. We want to share information that improves outcomes for the shared region we call home. Learn more about data and events that can help you understand how public data can support you and your organization. Click here to learn more.


The government is just "us" at different levels. Our collective American experiment requires a commitment to civic engagement and a knowable citizenry. We want to do our part. This section has data related to government, and data that hopefully can help our government do the best job they can create the conditions for growth and renewal.

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If you are a person and just want to be involved in data service, learn some stuff, or find other interested people/groups click here to learn more.

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