Survey’s @ SSU

We have alot of data. We can see what happened, but we (obviously) don’t know “why” everything happens. Surveys give us a glimpse of of that “why”. We cannot share all of the information with everyone, but we are excited about the possibilites.

There are a lot of surveys that take place at SSU. Our office is not the place one campus that conducts surveys, but we would like to become a more centralized location. While we work toward a more blended approach, we are sharing what we have done in the hope that others on campus that might want to partner with us becomes an option for others. There is value in working together; whether it is a survey at work or trying to turn a double play in youth softball.

Nationally Normed Surveys

We participate in several surveys that are nationally normed. This information helps us benchmark with our peers and provides oppurtunity for improvement.

Internal Surveys

Our office has access to several survey instruments that “are not free”. We are able to share these resources with the campus community to create surveys. We can also share the results to appropropriate audiences.

Third Party Surveys

Sometimes, third parties use publically available data to generate reports that rank SSU. We also directly submit information to repudable third parties. This section reviews those surveys at links to them (if we know about it).